Carl Ludwig Hübsch

Carl Ludwig Hübsch

Ensemble X

ensemble X


Im Jahr 2018 gab es, nach 2012, eine zweite Edition des Projektes COUNTERPOLE welches Neue Musik und Improvisation synchron aufführt. Die Beteiligten Ensembles waren das Ensemble X und das E-MEX-Ensemble.


Nicolas Desmarchelier (F) – guitare
Olivier Toulemonde (F) – objects
Martine Altenburger (F) – violoncello
Angelika Sheridan (Köln) – flutes
Dirk Marwedel (Wiesbaden) – extended saxophone
Ulrich Phillip (Wiesbaden) – double bass
Ulrich Boettcher (Wiesbaden) – elektroic
Tiziana Bertoncini (A/SL) – violin
Harald Kimmig (Freiburg) – violin
Carl Ludwig Hübsch (Köln) – tuba
Philip Zoubek (Köln) – piano
Michael Vorfeld (Berlin) – perkussion
Xavier Charles (F) – clarinette
Eiko Yamada (Heidelberg/J) – recorder
Christoph Schiller (CH) – spinet
Matthias Muche (Köln) – trombone
Markus Eichenberger (CH) – clarinetts
Nate Wooley (USA) – trumpets

In 2008 the Cologne based composer and tuba player Carl Ludwig Hübsch founded a 16-head formation entitled Ensemble X. This Ensemble represents a high grade and unique concentrate of experience of big group playing within the field of contemporary improvised music.

All musicians, coming from Europe and beyond, have been working since years in various orchestral improvisation and contemporary groups where they reflected on questions and methods for this special task. So members of the ensemble X were or are part of the NRW Improvisors Pool, the ensemble]h[iatus, the Multiple Joy[ce] Orchestra, the Ensemble 2INCQ, Markus Eichenberger’s Domino Orchestra or the formations Bull`s Eye Ensemble and Fineworks.

Being chosen under the aspect of a homogenous playing aesthetic they work on a transparent group sound which allows a chamber musical approach even in the fullest dynamic play. Thus introspection of the smallest sound details is possible and the space for listening opens up. The Ensemble X played in Dezember 2008 in Cologne, Wiesbaden and Basel, where they opened for the symposium and concert series “little bangs”. In 2011 they played in the Exploratorium, Berlin. A CD will be released on the label Red Toucan in spring 2012.

red toucan 9344 – 2012