Carl Ludwig Hübsch

Carl Ludwig Hübsch

My concerts deal with the aspect of music as a structure in time. The focus is on the moment of emergence. Emphasis or dramaturgy are repeatedly broken playfully and continued in new impulses, whereby the self-determination of the musical course is a constant point of reference. The use of modern and self-developed playing techniques goes far beyond the widespread wind music cliché with which the tuba is repeatedly associated. An innovative sound field spreads out, the tuba is presented from a new perspective and the audience hears itself.

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Voice | Over – out now!

Voice | Over – out now! Info Carl Ludwig Hübsch: Voice Recorded: spring 2021 at busybird Cologne, by C.L. HübschMastering: Reinhard Kobialka,Topaz Studios CologneCover Art:...

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Neues Booklet – jetzt verfügbar!

Neues Booklet – jetzt verfügbar! “Improvisers in interview“ featuring SOUNDTRIPS NRW, Lotte Anker, Gunda Gottschalk, Erhard Hirt, Martin Blume, Jérôme Netinger und andere.

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