This CD was recorded on June 23rd, 2016, at, by
Carl Ludwig Hübsch himself.
Played, mixed and mastered immediately on the day of the recording.
No cuts, no overdubs.
On the left side you hear the bell side of the tuba, on the right side 
the other side. As you might notice, there was nothing to play.
And this is what has been performed. 
The title „33:45“ is not a quotation of 4:33 by John Cage. 
33:45 sounds completely different and, as you might notice by close listening,
it is completely improvised. 
Even more, the numbers have - besides indicating the length of the music 
(plus 2 seconds before and after the performance) - a different meaning:
„33:45“ is a counterpart to the boundless and overwhelming excitement of fear and
xenophobia which is not at least caused by by a permanent „information“ overflow 
created by all of us in the new and old, social and unsocial media.
For best listening experience I advice to put the volume on a level suitable to
good old rock´n´roll music, maybe even a bit more. 
produced by Carl Ludwig Hübsch, GEMA 
cover design by Gudrun Barenbrock / Carl Ludwig Hübsch
google translation controlled by Sharif Sehnaoui 
special thanks to Gudrun, Sharif and Werner Meyer
distributed by NURNICHTNUR
lc 05245  berslton  # 0000000