10 musicians from Cologne, refined improvisors, ambitious composers and experienced interpreters, worked together for a year to create a music that is based on Miles Davis’ famous album „Kind of Blue“.

Goal was to create new music that is based more on the spirit of Miles’ original, to transfer the „Kind of Blue-spirit“ into another music and another time.

This project was sponsored by the Musikfonds and was presented in the Loft in Köln in October 2019. New, other projects of this new, Cologne based bigger ensemble, are to be expected.



Akiko Ahrendt – violin

Elisabeth Coudoux – violoncello

Leonhard Huhn – saxophone

Angelika Sheridan – flute

Salim Javaid – saxophone

Matthias Muche – trombone

Carl Ludwig Hübsch – tuba

Philip Zoubek – piano

Constantin Herzog – bass

Etienne Nillesen – percussion


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