Carl Ludwig Hübsch

Carl Ludwig Hübsch

Free Elefant 011 – 2010

Die Sache an sich

Carl Ludwig Hübsch / Tuba Solo

“Reduction! – you might think, hearing the first sounds of this recording. Huebsch transforms noise into tones, he peels pulsations out of sound textures und condenses them ino rhythmic structures, he braids individual lines into polyphonic, multi-layeres formations. He breaks the dominance of pure noise by modulating timbre and pitch. […] Huebsch is perpetually aware of the dangers inherent in quotation and free-form playing, of the difficulties of musical creation in a time in which the material itself has long been thoroughly investigated and dramatic shaping has acquired a new dimension. His musical point of reference is not so much jazz as the tradition of sound improvisation, a tradition he seeks so gently to reacquain with rhythm – without however, borrowing from conventional sources: no jazz, no typical brass music. But no reduction either…”.

excerpt from the sleevenotes by Nina Polaschegg